We build Customised AI & ML Powered Platform for you.

Harness power of AI, using most modern cloud computing service.

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Banks & Fintechs

Digital Platform enables lenders across the globe to deploy powerful, compliant credit and cross sell models swiftly and easily.

Insurance Companies

Insurance Persistency Analysis for premium payment, Sales Analysis to increase sales and Claim Analysis and fraud analysis.

Start-ups and Businesses

Data Science Platform for Start-ups to process reproducible analysis, scaling up models, and performing experiments.

Pharma and Healthcare Companies

Analyse unstructured sales and marketing data to predict sales, find lost customers and discrepancies or drop in sales performance

Manufacturing Companies

Robotic Process Automation of routine reports, deriving insights and sending alerts to managers and supervisors. Analysis of Incidents, NCR and Audit reports.

Human Resource Companies

Reduce risk of hiring wrong candidate using our KYC validation platform and predict employee attrition using our pre built machine learning models

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Why choose Us

Markytics is a team of highly qualified and passionate Data Science Professionals. At Markytics our objective is to develop strategic partnership with our clients to deliver improved profits and enhanced customer value by drawing on our strengths in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Our Mission

Our vision is to foster the success of our clients and their communities through innovative analytics solutions and platforms. To provide the right solutions for your organization that are extensible, hence, capable of meeting not only the current but also the future market needs.

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What you get

Organisations will get better business outcomes, greater cost savings and improved efficiency: from greater sales and revenue to improved quality of service, we make sure that our customers are able to produce the best business outcomes possible.

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Our Awesome Work

We are expert in building Machine Learning Platforms which will cater all your needs!
We have more than 100+ Pre Built ML and AI Models. See More

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What They Say About Us

Santosh Surve (IT HEAD)

Sonata Finance Pvt LTd.

" Markytics is a very much forward -thinking
and fast-moving company also having very
good and effective industry knowlegde "

Arun Chawla (CEO)


"3T - Trust, Teamwork, Time Delivery and Response
as all are focused towards one objective"

Ujwal Tamminedi (CTO)


"Markytics team has helps us segment and reach
out target customers better, with tailored
brand recommendations"