Markytics is a team of highly qualified and passionate analytics professionals.

At Markytics our objective is to develop strategic partnership with our clients to deliver improved profits and enhanced customer value by drawing on our strengths in data analytics and statistical modelling . 

We are global analytics and insights provider firm that helps companies to understand “how” and “why” their customers make decisions.

We help companies to understand customer expectations, improve customer experience and secure customer management.

We strive to make data analytics accessible to and usable by everyone, across small, medium and large-scale enterprises

Markytics brings Big Data Intelligence to everyone to accelerate the way businesses today get answers from more data, across any number of disparate data sources, on a faster cycle.

We are here to break down silos, connect the dots of the customer experience, and drive its improvement by providing  you proper solution by systematic market research by collecting ,analyzing and reporting information to enhance decision making throughout the marketing planning process to improve the customer experience .


Our vision is to foster the success of our clients and their communities through innovative analytics solutions

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