Marketing Analytics:

We provide an analytical approach to answering some of your companies most difficult questions:

  • Who are our customers?
  • How competitive is the current market landscape?
  • How risky is entering this market?·        
  • How efficient are our branding efforts

We help you to solve these questions by :

Campaign Effectiveness analysis: 
If you’re running marketing campaigns but don’t know how to evaluate their performance, we are here to guide you at each step and help you to manage marketing camapaignes and achieve the desired objectives.

Trade Promotion optimisation: 
We help you to reduce the cost of sales by maximizing return on total trade promotion spend, enhance promotion planning by analyzing what works and what doesn't for each retailer, improve brand management with insight into marketing mix and performance.

Customer Intelligence and Sales Analytics:

We gather and analyse information regarding customers, and their details and activities, to build deeper and more effective customer relationships and improve decision-making

Customer  Segmentation :We divide company’s customers into groups that reflect similarity among customers in each group to decide how to relate to customers in each segment in order to maximize the value of each customer to the business.

Customer Loyalty : We formulate strategies to retain the loyal customers and attract more like them. Our analysis of loyal customers' buying behavior and purchases provides information that keeps one's bottom line strong, Identify high-value customers and reward them. Improve effectiveness of loyalty programs.

Customer Sentiment Analysis :

  • We help  you  to assess How do consumers really feel about your brand?

  • Whether customer reaction to a new product was positive or negative?

  • What about your competitors Or the latest trend?

  • Whether owners of a product are experiencing major technical difficulties ?

  • Evaluate overall brand health  and Track the reaction to new products or branding  by Analysis of aggregated data over time and provide insights into trends to let companies address and resolve customer issues quickly.

Churn Analysis : 
We help you to retain customers by

  • Predicting in advance which customers are going to churn and

  • Knowing  which marketing actions can be used for retention of each particular customer.

 With this knowledge you can eliminate a large proportion of customer churn .

Cross Sell / Up sell : We help you to

  • Identify and target  prospective customers for cross selling

  • Identify who should be targeted, with which product and the optimum price point3. Build a scorecard to calculate the propensity of the target customers to purchase various products

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